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Exclusive African Travel was birthed out of Joy Travel, a company that has over the past 10 years taken thousands of South African’s abroad to experience the delights of Europe and the Middle East. The testimonials from these satisfied travelers together with the constant requests to establish similar high quality tours to explore the southern African region has seen the establishment of this unique boutique travel company.

Focusing on Southern Africa, we are able to tailor-make your itinerary, offering you access to a piece of paradise that feeds the soul whilst catering to your every need and desire.


South Africa, stretching from the wildlife in the Kruger National Park to the shark infested waters around Robben Island off Cape Town, takes some beating when one considers diversity that is easily accessible. Befitting its position at the southern tip of the African continent, with varying terrain which inspires photographers and sightseers alike, presenting a multi-faceted canvas that challenges one’s sense of being.

From the Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi, below which adrenaline junkies enjoy thrilling white water rafting, to the intrepid penguin breeding colonies found at Cape Aghulas to the vast sand dunes of Namibia in the west to the battlefields on Kwa-Zulu Natal in the east this subcontinent has it all.

Southern Africa boasts a first-world infrastructure which offers diversity and accessibility for the tourist with limited resources. World class accommodation, efficient transportation, state of the art connectivity all underpinned by the friendliest nation on earth makes Southern Africa a must for every bucket list.


Cape Town was voted the number 1 city in the world and Namibia number 6 in the list of places to visit by the New York Times in 2014. Read the full article here.

South Africa was voted as the third favorite country and Cape Town as the favorite city in the world in the Telegraph newspaper's annual travel survey for the fourth consecutive year.

The staggering array of tourist attractions offered by the ‘Mother City’ poses a challenge to all travelers whose time is limited. World class golf courses, renowned wine estates, unparalleled natural beauty and easy access to all types of wildlife including the Big 5 to the sharks, whales and penguins of the southern Atlantic Ocean.

If you’re interested in another kind of wildlife, hit the nightclubs in Cape Town’s vibrant Long Street or sample African homebrew in a local township shebeen (informal bar).

An unforgettable experience which caters for the diverse tastes of the seasoned traveler, Cape Town is a one-of-a-kind adventure.


Exclusive African Travel only offers led tours. You will be met by a tour guide when you set foot in South Africa, and we will host you every step of the way, ensuring your safety and focusing on your special needs. Our experienced and friendly staff will take you shopping and assist you to connect your technology to local hotspots. We will provide you with a local sim card and if necessary a mobile phone to use whilst you are in South Africa. You will be chaperoned at times and given the space and freedom to do your own thing when you desire this.

From the minute you land up until the time that we assist you to check in at the airport on departure, you will enjoy the unparalleled service and security offered by Exclusive African Travel.

Exclusive African Travel deals with travel arrangements from the time you land in South Africa until the time you depart. The long-haul flights are your responsibility and if you require assistance with these arrangements then our team will gladly help.

The standard itineraries that are offered will always have some free time allowing you to have breakaways that are of specific interest to your family and friends.

We offer an inspiring array of add-on options to your trip that helps us customize your itinerary to suit your specific interest. Simply select the add-ons that you would like to experience and allow Exclusive African Travel to customize your dream vacation.

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